Henry County sits in close proximity to some of the key infrastructure components necessary for a thriving economy. Imports and exports for Georgia, at some point, utilize rail, road, air, and water to make their way to their final destination. These routes generally pass directly through Henry County either on their way to Atlanta or on their way to the Port of Savannah. With this in mind, Henry County is poised to become a leader in Metro Atlanta in the coming years as it pertains to being a hub for economic growth.

Motivating Factors for the One Henry Economic Alliance;

  • Discussions at the 2014¬†Intergovernmental Retreat
  • Need for quality jobs for residents and Students
  • Overall impact of Savannah port expansion
  • Challenge of Henry County / Metro Atlanta issues
  • Perception of our image and quality of life
  • Need to maintain momentum of E2

One Henry Economic Alliance

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In an effort to bring Henry County together as one we are looking to hear from you. We want to help businesses see the beauty of Henry County and what we have to offer. Let us hear from you.